SHE’S FINISHEED!  After two whole days of sewing, creating patterns and cutting material by hand, she’s finally done.  I even swede her a tiny little collared shirt and a skirt :3 SHe’s made out of wool felt (Except her hair, eyes and skirt, which are Kunin recycled felt), stuffed with habico polyester filling, and hand-stitched with polyester thread everywhere except the body (cotton thread).  As she is a hand-crafted item, there’s a few small irregularities, but goddamnit, I’m proud of her.  I think I’m gonna price her at £10 GBP (Plus postage, about a fiver to the usa i’d think) if anyone wants to buy her.  otherwise, just relax and enjoy the Casey.  Any questions, please ask!

Next up: I don’t know!